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Dawn Adams
Adams, Dawn
Education Specialist
dadams@reg8.netView Website
Shirley Agan
Agan, Shirley
Education Specialist
sagan@reg8.netView Website
Pamela Albritton
Albritton, Pamela
Director of Special Services
palbritton@reg8.netView Website
Chrissie Allen
Allen, Chrissie
Instructional Technology Specialist
callen@reg8.netView Website
Whitley Allen
Allen, Whitley
Business Development and Marketing
whitley.allen@tips-usa.comView Website
Cheryl Allison
Allison, Cheryl
Science Specialist
callison@reg8.netView Website
Robyn Anderson
Anderson, Robyn
ELA Writing Coach
randerson@reg8.netView Website
Miguel Bacallao
Bacallao, Miguel
Network Engineer View Website
Brent Baker
Baker, Brent
Director of Technology Services
bbaker@reg8.netView Website
Meredith Barton
Barton, Meredith
TIPS Manager
meredith.barton@tips-usa.comView Website
Leonard Beles
Beles, Leonard
Director of State and Federal
lbeles@reg8.netView Website
Deborah Biddy
Biddy, Deborah
dbiddy@reg8.netView Website
Cathy Blue
Blue, Cathy
Administrative Services Coordinator
cblue@reg8.netView Website
Sarah Bond
Bond, Sarah
Customer Relations
sbond@tips-usa.comView Website
Kerri Bowles
Bowles, Kerri
CTE Specialist
kbowles@reg8.netView Website
Jeanine Boyett
Boyett, Jeanine
Library Services Coordinator
jboyett@reg8.netView Website
Pat Boykin
Boykin, Pat
pboykin@reg8.netView Website
Debbie Brown
Brown, Debbie
dbrown@reg8.netView Website
Janice Brown
Brown, Janice
jbrown@reg8.netView Website
Karyn Buckner
Buckner, Karyn
View Website
Carol Carter
Carter, Carol
Director of Information Services
ccarter@reg8.netView Website
Shonda Chitsey
Chitsey, Shonda
schitsey@reg8.netView Website
Jeff Clark
Clark, Jeff
Independent Consultant
jclark@reg8.netView Website
Don Creed
Creed, Don
Director of Maintenance and Custodial Services
dcreed@reg8.netView Website
Debra Crooms
Crooms, Debra
Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
dcrooms@reg8.netView Website
Tammy Cunningham
Cunningham, Tammy
Payroll Manager
tcunningham@reg8.netView Website
Debbie Davis
Davis, Debbie
LIDS Consultant
ddavis@reg8.netView Website
Debbie Drew
Drew, Debbie
Leadership and Accountability Coordinator
ddrew@reg8.netView Website
Lisa Ellermann
Ellermann, Lisa
Secondary Math Specialist
lellermann@reg8.netView Website
Shiloh Ellestad
Ellestad, Shiloh
Operations and Maintenance
sellestad@reg8.netView Website
Sandy Evans
Evans, Sandy
sevans@reg8.netView Website
Dr. David Fitts
Fitts, Dr. David
Executive Director
dfitts@reg8.netView Website
Nancy Folsom
Folsom, Nancy
nfolsom@reg8.netView Website
Dr. Callie Fortenberry
Fortenberry, Dr. Callie
Elementary ELAR Specialist
cfortenberry@reg8.netView Website
Lee Gill
Gill, Lee
Education Specialist
lgill@reg8.netView Website
Fran Godbolt
Godbolt, Fran
Print Shop
fgodbolt@reg8.netView Website
Lydia Going
Going, Lydia
Child Nutrition Specialist
lgoing@reg8.netView Website
Steven Hammons
Hammons, Steven
Social Studies Consultant
shammons@reg8.netView Website
LeAnna Harrison
Harrison, LeAnna
lharrison@reg8.netView Website
Michelle Huffman
Huffman, Michelle
TSR/Early Childhood Coordinator
mhuffman@reg8.netView Website
Susan Huizinga
Huizinga, Susan
Elementary Science Consultant
shuizinga@reg8.netView Website
Tina Immel
Immel, Tina
timmel@reg8.netView Website
Sarah Jeter
Jeter, Sarah
LIDS Consultant
sjeter@reg8.netView Website
Gayla Jinks
Jinks, Gayla
gjinks@reg8.netView Website
Niki Jones
Jones, Niki
njones@reg8.netView Website
Nikki Keefer
Keefer, Nikki
Bookkeeper/Accounts Payable
nkeefer@reg8.netView Website
Darald Kuhlengel
Kuhlengel, Darald
dkuhlengel@reg8.netView Website
Tammy Kuhlengel
Kuhlengel, Tammy
Secondary ELA Consultant
tkuhlengel@reg8.netView Website
Dana Ladd
Ladd, Dana
Regional Testing Coordinator/DMAC/Eduphoria
dladd@reg8.netView Website
Richele Langley
Langley, Richele
Deputy Executive Director of Academic Services
rlangley@reg8.netView Website
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