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Deborah Biddy

  • Information about special education rules, regulations, laws, policies, and procedures
  • Technical assistance regarding monitoring, budget and finance, funding applications, expenditure reports, and program evaluation.
  • Support schools in their implementation of the comprehensive system of personal development (CSPD)
  • Technical assistance in all areas of special education



Name & E-mail Ext. Title/Responsibility
Pamela Albritton 2762
Director of Special Services
Special Education Laws, First Point of Contact for Parents, Legal Framework, Policies, Procedures and Operating Guidelines, Certification Programs for Special Education Staff, Special Education Funding, Excess Cost, Special Education Director's Meetings, Confidentiality, Charter Schools, ARD Interpreter Training, Poverty Training; TWU/TETN/SLP Project, Monitoring: PBM, RF, AYP, AEIS, MOE, SPP, Disproportionality, Determination Rating
Janis McClure  2758 Assistant Director of Special Services
Secondary High School Transition Services, Graduation (AAR, Personal Graduation Plans, Summary of Performance), SPP (State Performance Plan) Indicators 13 & 14, Interagency Collaboration, CRCGs, Facilitated IEP, Learning Styles, Accomodations, RTI, Standards Based IEPs, LRE (Inclusion), Access to the General Curriculum

Dawn Adams 2766 Visually Impaired, Auditory Impairment,  Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Deafblind,
Shirley Agan


Behavior and Discipline Management (FBA, BIPS), SPEARS, Positive Behavior Interventionsand Support (CPI, COMP), Non-Ed Funds, RF Tracker, Monitoring, and Accommodations

Connie Rhymes-Johnson 2764 Assistive Technology, Adapted PE, Disproportionality, Fine Arts
Debbie Davis      2787 Low Incidence Populations, TAKS-M, STAAR  Alternative, Evaluation, SPP (State Performance Plan)- Indicators 11 & 12, contact for Brain Gym
Angela Reid 2722 Preschool Programs for Children with Disabilities (PPCD),  Preschool LRE, SPP (State Performance Plan)- Indicator#7, COSF

Matt Williams
2781 Autism, Parent Coordination
Dawn Adams
Pamela Albritton   
Section 504
Deborah Biddy 2756 Department Secretary 
Secretary for Pamela Albritton and Shirley Agan
Resource Directory
Sandy Evans 2751 Secretary for Special Services (Connie Rhymes-Johnson, Debbie Davis, Dawn Adams)
Kathy Rape 2757 Secretary for Special Services (Janis McClure, Angela Reid, Matt Williams)
Niki Jones  2785  CRCG

All Staff:  Technical assistance to staff serving students enrolled in special education. You may dial 903-572-8551 and ask for the extension, or you may dial 903-575-extension number.FAX:  903-575-2712

Deborah Biddy

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