House Bill 3 (HB 3) requires all K-3rd grade teachers and principals to attend a Texas Reading Academy by 2022 (enrollment in the 2022-2023 school year is acceptable).  We will be updating this site as we receive new information.  Please contact Debbie Crooms ( or Melanie Tidwell ( for more information.

Implementation Models

Both models will cover the same content using the same HB 3 learning management system (Canvas) and will require submission of the same artifacts.  Districts choose one or both models, depending on individual needs.

Blended Model

  • Online Model consisting of 12 Modules

  • Provide  artifacts for Modules

  • Demonstrate proficiency in competencies through artifact submission and assessments

  • Approximately 60 hours to complete

  • 11 months available to complete

  • $400 per participant

Comprehensive Model

  • 10 days face-to-face professional development 

  • 4 individual coaching sessions (one may be virtual)

  • Submit artifacts for modules

  • Must complete competency exercises

  • $3,000 per participant

Academy Dates Graphic

Academy Timeline

  • Teachers and administrators have 3 school years to complete the academies:  2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023.  

  • After 2023, before a teacher (or principal) can be assigned to a K-3 class/campus, they must: have already completed the academy, or be enrolled in the academy.  

  • This includes new teachers and teachers moving from another assignment to K-3.

Academy Dates Graphic

Region 8 Academy Dates

  • Region 8 ESC will launch 2021-22 blended model cohorts in June, July, and August.  The 2021-22 Comprehensive Model face to face dates are July 20-22, September 20, November 8, January 24, April 11, and June 1-3.

Academy Content Graphic

Academy Content

There are 3 paths available in the academies.  All cover the same 12 modules:


  • ELAR Pathway:  Intended for generalists and SPED teachers who instruct in English

  • SLAR Pathway:  Intended for generalists and SPED teachers who instruct in Spanish

  • Administrator:  Intended for administration/leadership

Additional Information Graphic

Additional Information

  • Districts can spread out the enrollment of teachers in the academy over 3 years.

  • Districts can choose to partner with an Authorized Provider and hire a Cohort Leader to implement the academies in their district (Local Implementation).  The cohort leader must first pass the TEA screening process. 

  • Participants’ artifacts will not be graded by their cohort leader.  Region 11 will assign 2 other cohort leaders to grade a particular cohort’s artifacts.

  • Registration in Canvas is expected to open late-April 2021.  Pre-registration is required and is open now.

  • Artifacts for teachers and administrators are different, and do not rely on availability of students to complete.

  • Starting in June, TEA is modifying content to make the reading academies available for K-5 teachers.  At this time, 4th and 5th grade teachers are not required by law to attend.


Cohort Leaders

Anyone interested in becoming a cohort leader please click here.


Melanie Tidwell

Debbie Crooms