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What is Texas Lesson Study?

Texas Lesson Study (TXLS) is inquiry-based, job-embedded professional development where teachers work collaboratively to develop, teach, and assess research-based lessons. Teachers collaborate in teams of 2 - 5 to identify a concept students have difficulty understanding, research and design a lesson plan for teaching that concept, teach the lesson, reflect and refine the lesson and reteach it.

Lesson Study Cycle

Lesson Study is a framework for collaborative instructional research and lesson design that can be implemented by all campuses. The construct of the Lesson Study groups can vary based on the campus size and needs.


The purpose of Lesson Study is to help teachers improve their effectiveness, share best practices with other teachers, improve student outcomes, and provide a platform to demonstrate mastery within the teaching profession.


  • It's FREE!

  • Improves teacher effectiveness through self-reflective, outcome-oriented, research-based learning communities

  • Increases self-mastery and public perception of the teaching profession by producing high-quality research-based documents (similar to the medical and legal professions)

  • Builds a massive repository of master lessons that have been delivered, dissected, and refined by teachers


Time Commitment

This service is provided through a grant, making it FREE to participate.

TXLS participants will engage in a full day of initial training as well as observe and debrief each lesson delivery. Each teacher will be required to meet with the TXLS facilitator once a week for approximately 1-2 hours during the work day (preferably during the school day).

District Implementation Options

ESC8 Trains District Staff

  • ESC provides training in the summer where coaches go through the lesson study process.

  • Coaches shadow ESC Facilitators during fall groups.

  • Coaches begin leading lesson study groups in the spring with ESC support.


ESC8 Trains Campus By Campus

  • ESC continues to work with district campuses, training campus staff to take over the work.

  • Lesson Study once per calendar year per grade level or over multiple grade levels.


Fee For Service

  • ESC trains additional facilitators

  • District pays for services

Working With Our Facilitator

Our Region 8 Texas Lesson Study Facilitator, Inken Luke, will work with administration to set up a consistent schedule. She will come to the participating campus each week at no cost to the campus or district.


She will guide the team through:  

  • selecting an area of focus by examining campus data

  • researching and designing the lesson

  • observing the lesson and evaluating the outcome

  • the revision process and preparing the lesson for publication

Using her unique skill set and knowledge as a service center specialist, Inken will support the team through the entire process and celebrate their success. Most importantly, she will help the campus sustain the lesson study work, independent of an outside facilitator. 


Please contact Inken with any questions you may have about Texas Lesson Study iluke@reg8.net

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